Watercolor: Maria Monroe
Good Sense: Guided Meditations for
Living Mindfully

about 75 minutes

These three meditations guide you in exploring the present moment, paying attention to your body and mind to develop awareness and relaxation. The first two meditations are used while lying down or sitting; the third is a guided movement meditation.

The program is introduced by a discussion of why it makes sense to live in the present moment. Learning to live in the now frees us from being lost in our thoughts and inspires us to enjoy and respect our lives as embodied beings.



To listen to the samples:
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    1 Introduction (2:31)
    2 Why Live Mindfully? (7:54) Listen

    Finding Sense in Stillness
    3 Preparation (0:31)
    4 Guided Meditation (10:47) Listen

    Awareness of Body Sensations
    5 Preparation (0:31)
    6 Guided Meditation (18:08)

    Awareness in Motion
    7 Preparation (3:05) Listen
    8 Guided Meditation (28:03)

    9 Further Directions (1:50)

    10 Closing (1:18)

Total Time: 75:49