Watercolor: Maria Monroe


Quiet Time:
Meditations for Ease and Wellbeing

About 70 minutes

Bells and the sound of a stream accent voice guidance to provide a restful experience of self-nurturing in this series of mindfulness meditations. Seven different sessions guide you in using your body and mind to bring about deep relaxation and awareness, as you sit or lie still in a state of rest. The tracks vary in length and may be heard sequentially to provide longer sessions.



To listen to the samples:
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    1 Introduction (5:18) Listen
    2 Being at Home (6:03)
    3 Listening (4:11)
    4 Simple Being, Simple Breathing (6:47) Listen
    5 Whole Body Awareness (11:44)
    6 Kind Attention (26:47)
    7 Living Energy (3:34) Listen
    8 Quiet Time (4:18)

Total Time: 69:16